This work came to life following my child’s journey toward his authentic gender. Unhappy the way he was born, exploring his appearance and his feminine and masculine side.

Silent Witness

I explore photography, as it appears in photography books. The images are taken as they are from 2 sides of the page, as it was edited and printed, and reveal an inner entity.

Transparent Eyes

How does the female image appear? Using different methods I explore its appearance in history books and updated magazines, to see places it has a substantial existence and others it which it retracts.


My quiet suburb is the showroom for arrogant architecture. Combining multiple images both by automatic procedures and hand sewing them I explore its inherent redundancy.

Vanished Cathedrals

Gothic cathedrals use light as a key element – dimly lit, light coming through colorful stained glasses. Using an old photography book of the cathedrals of the Rhine, I explored the light quality, as it encounters the paper and light of the scanner.